3 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips That Every Amateur Should Know

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Many people think that cooking pasta is very simple and later realize why homemade pasta is not delicious and spicy. Pasta is not only about adding the necessary ingredients, your favorite sauces, and seasonings. There are many steps to follow for getting the perfect pasta of your choice. If you are just dumping the pasta in the boiled water and chatting on your smartphone, you seriously need our pasta cooking tips.

We understand pasta is a type of fast food and should be prepared within minutes, but using the easiest cooking methods will never satisfy your food cravings. Here are our simple yet useful tips for cooking the perfect and mouth-watering pasta this weekend!

Choose The Right Pasta According To Your Sauce

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Pasta is available in multiple shapes in the market, but we just pick anything randomly. Choosing the wrong shape pasta that doesn’t align with your sauce is the common mistake most people make. If you are fond of heavy tomato and garlic cream, choose flat shape pasta like perciatelli.

Are you wondering why to select perciatelli while using heavy sauces? The key to success in making pasta is using ingredients in the right ratio. Perciatelli traps the sauce, and your pasta will get the right texture. You want to have the best bowl of pasta instead of saucy pasta.

If you like adding loads of sauce to your pasta, you need to increase the pasta content and seasonings.

Never Follow The Cooking Guidelines Mentioned Behind The Pasta Packets

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Whether you’re making noodles or pasta, you often check the ingredients and cooking guidelines, and mostly everyone does that. Unarguably, packing guidelines and precautions mentioned behind the packets are genuine and helpful, especially for beginners. Pasta is such a thing that sometimes it will be ready even in 3 minutes, and sometimes you’ll complete washing dishes and pasta still need some more time in the cooking pan.

For checking whether your pasta is ready or not, take one small piece and taste it. If the pasta is entirely not soft, let the whole mixture stay in the cooking pan for 3-5 minutes.

Never Believe The Myth Of Adding Oil To The Pasta Water

Many people believe that your pasta will be soft if you add olive oil or some other oil type to the pasta water. The best way to prevent your pasta from sticking is to keep stirring it until the water is ready for cooking.

Adding any type of oil to the pasta can lead to pasta sticking to the cooking pan. Furthermore, adding oil decrease the nutritional value of pasta, and the whole mixture becomes slippery.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can have the best and healthy bowl of pasta without adding packed ingredients. Here, you have to keep patience and put effort to stay away from sticky and oily pasta.

By considering these pasta cooking tips, you’ll become the expert cook in your family.

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