5 Fun Cooking Tricks – 5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Cooking

5 Fun Cooking Tricks - 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Cooking

Many women are keen to learn how to fun cooking tricks, and the quality of our food is often the main factor in deciding whether or not to cook. Fortunately, the modern kitchen has many useful tools and appliances that can make cooking much easier for busy people. With some easy to follow tips, anyone can get the most out of their kitchens.

The stovetop is undoubtedly the essential element of a kitchen, but many people do not know how to use it properly. These five fun cooking tricks will help you get the most out of your stove. It is important to keep cooking and simmering the right amount to avoid scorching the insides of your oven.

5 Fun Cooking Tricks - 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Cooking
5 Fun Cooking Tricks – 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Cooking


You should always try to keep the temperature of the oven a little lower than you want it to reach in the short term. Too hot and the food may burn quickly, while too cold and it will take much longer to cook. It is best to leave the oven door open at all times to give the food a slight warming effect.

To roast potatoes, a good tip is to spread the potato slices with olive oil before cooking. Remember, it’s better to leave them slightly crisp rather than simply leave them as they are. If the potatoes are stuck to each other, then wrap each slice individually in foil and let them rest for a few minutes before opening. The foil will act as a barrier between the potatoes and the heat of the oven.


Remember that the sink is an essential element of any kitchen, but many people have no idea how to properly use it. Well, if you’re a vegetarian, you don’t need to use the sink, but if you are using it to wash and cook your meals, then it is a very handy way to avoid making a mess of the bathroom. Some pretty simple cooking tips will ensure that your sink remains tidy, and as long as you put things back, you should never have to clean it again.

The microwave is a very popular kitchen appliance, but many people don’t realize just how many functions it has. Although you might need to spend a little time setting the meal up first, your food can be ready in less than half the time. It is best to use the top rack so that you can use the dishwasher while you prepare using fun cooking tricks.

5 Fun Cooking Tricks - 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Cooking
5 Fun Cooking Tricks – 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Cooking

Griddle – Fun Cooking Tricks

Using a grill can be a great way to cook food quickly and efficiently. It is possible to cook an entire meal for two in less than 20 minutes, or split the meal down the middle so that each person gets a portion of the meal to eat. You might also find it helpful to have a small cooking supply at hand, such as a small spice container so that you can season the food with extra flavor without needing to cook it.

When cooking fish, you should be careful to check the water level before adding the fish. In some cases, you may need to scrape the pot so that the water level doesn’t reach the top of the fish. If the water is high enough, the fish will be cooked thoroughly, but it can also cause the fish to go rubbery if it’s the wrong temperature.

Many people have heard about electric or gas cooking systems, but many think that they are expensive and don’t work effectively. For the most part, gas cooking systems are just as effective as electric systems, although they tend to burn a lot more energy and produce more smoke.

Platter – Fun Cooking Tricks

A serving platter is a great invention. They come in various sizes, but they are perfect for people who like to eat in groups. They also come in different colors and designs so that they blend in with your kitchen.

Making your salad dressing is an interesting idea. You can buy a bottle of olive oil from your local supermarket, mix it with some vinegar and lemon juice, and that’s all you need to make a very tasty dressing. It will cost you less than two dollars per bottle, and you will be able to add a variety of flavors to your dressing.

Fun Cooking Tricks

As far as healthy tip goes, cutting back on fatty foods is a great one. Fried foods are very high in fats. Those items that are fried are likely to include cheese, bread, and butter. For healthy snacks, try something else and watch the calories!

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