5 Types of Easy Healthy Recipes To Add to the Diet

There is a lot of awareness all over the world these days to include healthy meals to the diet. Eating out at restaurants or having junk food once in a while is okay but to remain healthy it is important to eat regular healthy meals. It is difficult to cook elaborate meals every day when people are living fast-paced lives. Easy healthy recipes that can be prepared quickly and are nutritious are very important to maintain a healthy diet. The following are some of the types of easy healthy recipes that can be nutritious and fast to cook:

5 Types of Healthy Meals

One Pot Meals

As the name suggests a one-pot meal is when all the ingredients are put in one pot and cooked into a meal.  These meals can be made by using grains, beans, meats, rice, fruits and vegetables and sometimes even fruits. These meals are easy healthy recipes to cook, fast to make and can be very tasty. Stews, curries, rice dishes, meat, and lentil dishes can all be made using this method and these are healthy dishes for the diet.


There are many types of salads with ingredients like fruits, grains, croutons, vegetables, green salads, dressing, and lean meats. The classic salads, in particular, are easy to make, need very few ingredients and are very tasty. These easy healthy recipes include Caesar salad, Greek salad, Nicoise salad, Caprese salad, Russian salad, bean salad, and Cobb salad to name a few.

Soups & Smoothies

Healthy, filling and hearty soups with bread are perfect, especially in cold weather. They are easy to make and provide essential nutrients to the body. Soups made using vegetables, beans, spices, and even some lean meats are all good for health. Chowders, fish soups, chicken soups, broths, and bean soups are some of the healthy soups that can be made easily. Nutrient-rich smoothies made with using natural fruits, whey powder, herbs, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit are easy to make and a great breakfast option.

Stir Fry’s & Wraps

Stir fry dishes are quick and easy to cook. Stir fry is a fast way of cooking that does not overcook ingredients and maintains the nutrients in these meals. Easy healthy recipes in stir fry dishes include vegetable stir fry dishes with spices and herbs, stir fry lean meats and fish dishes. It also includes Chinese cuisine stir fry dishes in woks, stir fry tofu and cottage cheese dishes and stir fry dishes with various sauces that are all tasty and healthy. These stir fry dishes can be eaten using healthy wraps made of gluten-free and healthy tortillas which are easily available in the market.

Baked Dishes

One of the fastest ways to cook is to bake. Baking requires ingredients of a meal to be placed in a baking dish and putting it in the oven. Sweet and savory baking dishes can be made using the oven and left to cook on their own using a timer. These dishes require less fat than frying food and also require less effort and time in making the dishes.

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