9 Healthy Foods You Must Include In Diet

Awareness about health is increasing day by day. Thus people are looking forward to healthy foods. It is better to incorporate more healthy meals in your day. As this trend is rising, more cooking ideas are developed to make foods tasty and healthy.

9 Healthy Foods You Must Include In Diet
9 Healthy Foods You Must Include In Diet

Here is the list of those healthy meal options.

Oatmeal Healthy Foods

It contains a lot of soluble fiber, which is good for health. It is easy to prepare and can be made in different flavors. Above all, it keeps cholesterol levels low, which is vital for the body.

Green Salad

Some people make fun that salads are for animals. But a healthy and fresh salad will make you crave for it. A good salad which you want to include in your meal should be balanced. So, keep in mind to add protein to your salad. Meat, eggs, beans, and nuts, any of these can be your protein. Also, make it crunchy with raw cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, cooked vegetables, or beans.


Hummus is very popular these days. This rich in fiber item can be your spread on a sandwich or a dip with carrots. It tastes good with almost everything. Blend chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and salt for making fresh hummus at home. 

Vegetable Soup

Cold weather makes you miss hot soup. For making soup, you have a wide range of options. There are so many options for making a savory soup that you can always go for some new variant. It is easy to make and can quench you whenever those hunger pangs arise. Just boil a mix of vegetables you like, and it is up to you to add meat. Then with a little salt and black pepper, your soup is ready. It is good for health and digestion. Also, you won’t regret adding a little parmesan cheese or cream to your soup bowl.

Quinoa Healthy Foods

9 Healthy Foods You Must Include In Diet
9 Healthy Foods You Must Include In Diet

It is a high protein food with many health benefits. Rinse quinoa before you cook. Washing quinoa will remove the bitterness in quinoa. Then add water or broth double the quantity as quinoa. Let it boil for 15-20 min on medium flame. Once fluffy, it is ready to eat. 

Stir- Fry Healthy Foods

The basic idea of stir fry is sauteed vegetables and meat. So, you are free to make any mix for your stir-fry. Saute the mix and add sauce at the end. It goes well with rice and as a filling in tortilla wraps.

Bean Chilli

Replace beans for your meat to make a healthy recipe. It has enough protein for your diet. You can also go for chicken or turkey if you are not convinced with beans.

Healthy Pasta

Pasta can also be healthy. All you need to do is use whole wheat pasta. Secondly, add the right amount of vegetables and protein. And finally, avoid too many fats.

Super Smoothies

You can say smoothies are a solution for getting your complete nutrition. Only if made in a proper way they can be a perfect breakfast. These are easy to make and a quick breakfast alternative for busy mornings. You can take water or milk as a base of your smoothie. Also, remember to avoid too much sugar, protein powder, and artificial flavors. Go with the natural ingredients that you like and add a little honey for sweetness.

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