9 Sumptuous Shrimp Cooking Recipes To Steal Your Heart

Do you wish to have prepared some shrimp cooking recipes? Do you want to impress your hubby with some shrimp cuisines? Or you want to make your weekend more romantic and flavorful with some easy to make shrimp dishes? The guide is here to answer each of your questions and knows the best of everything.

Here, you will find plenty of quick shrimp recipes that envelopes Caribbean, Asian, and Italian flavors.

Moreover, these savory shrimp cooking recipes will make your weekend dinner more romantic with its taste. These dishes take almost no time to prep and are very lush and tasty for your date night. Also, when you are looking for a summer brunch, then these dishes are awesome. And the cherry on top with these dishes is that they are super healthy recipes.

So without further ado, leave behind those monotonous chicken dinner nights and try hands-on these shrimp meals instead of as shrimp is an amazingly tempting versatile ingredient that perfectly fits in with every dish for your hectic weekend nights.

List of Delicious Shrimp Cooking Recipes:

1. Skewered Ginger Shrimp with Plums

Skewered ginger shrimp with plums is a sensational, simple, and sweet dish. These skewers of shrimp comprise loads of bursting flavors with merely four ingredients.

Moreover, place these skewers on a grill to prepare a delicious potluck dish as your quick dinner meal.

2. Popcorn Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

Popcorn shrimp tacos are no way short of a healthy version. These tacos fuse with classic flavors in a more twisted way.

Moreover, if you want to make this dish low on carb, then top it with lettuce rather than tortillas.

 3. Sesame Cilantro Shrimp Cooking Recipe

A plate of food

When you feel tired and don’t have much time to prepare a sumptuous meal and wish to invest lesser time in the kitchen, try a shrimp recipe. Within 10 minutes only, you can have this amazing meal on the table.

 4. Easy Seafood Salad

A plate of food

 Easy seafood salad is an easy and quick shrimp recipe to make.

 5. Sheet-Pan Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Bake

It’s a wonderful seafood dinner dish that accompanies amazing flavors. You can use the mix of broccoli and asparagus to make this dish more flavorful. It’s again one of the most delectable shrimp cooking recipes.

 6. Tequila Lime Shrimp Zoodles

Tequila lime tangy shrimp zoodles is a healthy dish that is low on carb without any compromise in flavors.

Tip: If a spiralizer is not there, you can use thinly and finely julienned zucchini to have a similar wow effect.

 7. Lemony and Light Scampi

To prepare a scampi shrimp recipe, a touch of lemon would be a healthier option that cuts down calories. You can even add Parmesan if you want to enhance the taste more.

 8. Shrimp Cobb Salad

Welcome another healthier twist in the form of shrimp cobb salad. You can either use a grilling pan or can saute your ingredients. You can use greens of your choice to make this dish more colorful and mouth-watering.

 9. Coconut Chicken and Shrimp Cooking Recipe

If you want to make an easy and fun weekend dinner, try this healthy coconut chicken and shrimp meal and make your dinner table more lavish.

Shrimp Cooking Recipes: Conclusion 

So, hopefully, these quicker shrimp cooking recipes can impress any taste bud. The most important thing that will impress you about these dishes is that they are super healthy and ultimately awesome to try at weekends.

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