Are Rice Cakes Healthy

rice cake healthy

Healthy rice cake is the latest fad for dieters. It’s a big hit with kids and has even spread to adults who like a sweet dessert to cool off on those hot summer days. It has been dubbed the “healthiest” dessert by Weight Watchers and the “Yum Yum” Food Guide. It provides plenty of taste and satisfaction, but it’s not as simple as many think to prepare.

Healthy rice cakes often rise in response to healthier food on a scale from one to 100. They are made by soaking long grain brown rice or wild rice in water for at least two hours. Afterward, they are cooked with various toppings like fruits, vegetables, cheese, walnuts and honey. Soaking white rice is said to have health benefits, while wild rice is more nutritious. Usually, Korean rice cakes are soaked overnight and cooked in a way to keep the mineral and dietary value intact.

An Overview

Rice Cakes

One tip for cooking rice cake snacks that keep them chewy is to add water or try soaking the rice longer. The rice cake should be slightly tender, yet still have that springy texture. When it comes to taste, some people love the crunchier texture, while others prefer the softer and creamier flavor. The kimchi kind of rice cakes are another alternative that provides rice cake snacks with a spicy kick. Many Asian countries are known for their hot spicy foods, so this might not be a good choice for people who are sensitive to spicy food.

The next tip for preparing these healthier rice cakes is to consider their caloric factor. A typical serving of any of these snack treats is typically between one and two hundred calories. For those on a diet, this can be a minor point, but for those who love their fried foods, the calories can add up very quickly. This is why it is important to take note of the calorie content before choosing your toppings. Many of the popular fried foods like corn chips and fries have very high calorie toppings that can make the rice cakes unhealthy.

Rice Cake Facts

Rice Cakes

When making a rice cake healthy version, one ingredient that is missing from most of the versions is almonds. It is common for the topping to have a lot of nuts, but this could cut down on the overall calorie count. Almonds provide a good source of dietary fiber and protein, so eating them in place of the butter is a good idea. If you are watching your calories, this is an easy way to eat rice cake snacks that stay away from unhealthy ingredients.

Aside from adding less butter, reducing the amount of nuts and adding more nutritious toppings, rice cake recipes can also try to be healthier by using rice flour instead of regular flour. Replacing one carbohydrate with rice flour can significantly lower the total carbohydrates in a dessert. By using this type of flour, you can also avoid the monosodium glutamate (MSG) that is often found in processed foods. The FDA has done studies that show the presence of MSG in rice is the most common. It can have a number of unpleasant side effects, including headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and even a dangerous burning sensation in the mouth. This is why adding rice flour to rice cakes can be a good way for diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels balanced.

Another change that many people like to make when making rice cakes is to replace the traditional butter with either margarine or shortening. These alternatives have fewer health complications and they taste great. There are also no trans fats associated with shortening, which can also raise blood sugar. Another option that many health conscious people choose to go with is coconut oil. It has all of the same health benefits as regular butter but tastes great.


Although rice cakes are supposed to be low in calories and have no negative side effects, it can be difficult to keep them from being unhealthy. If you like your food sweet and have a high fiber diet, you will find that eating these treats on occasion is okay. If you have diabetes or heart disease, however, it’s best to avoid them altogether. A better alternative to sweet treats are fruits or fish cakes that have no sugar and have no unhealthy additives.

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