Cake Flavor & Confectionery Machine

In case you love making a cake, or like baking in general, then you must have a few confectionery machines to bake. It’s interesting to make things at home, but the biggest problem is baking tools. Making cake or any other dessert is simple, but for finishing you need good food confectionery machines.

Here we have listed few cake flavors and confectionery machine that will help you in baking. These tools will ease your work and helps in making dessert quick. 

Few Must-Have Baking Tools

Cake Carrier With Handle

The Cake Carrier with Handle is one of the basics things you have if you make cakes frequently. It’s for cake safety. And with this carrier with a handle, you can move your cake quickly without facing any issue. The shape of this carrier with handle is round, which will help to fit in almost all cakes. You need to place your cake on the bottom of the carrier and hold the handle. You can also put any other dessert you like.

Production Description

It’s perfect storage for cakes.

The carrier with handle has a round base so you can put almost every desert.

It has an airtight lock system.

The cake in this carrier with handle will be fresh for a longer period.

The size of this carrier is 26 x 12 x 12.50cm.

It’s very lightweight also it weights only around 250 to 300 grams.

The built material on this carrier is Polypropylene, which is food-grade material.

Key Features

Perfect for Home Use

You must buy this carrier if you make cakes frequently it will help you with storing cake properly. Whenever you throw a party or get together it’s fixed, that cake will not finish. You can use this cake carrier while storing your cake in the refrigerator as well.

Small Pastry Shops Cake Carrier

It’s a must having tool if you have a small home base bakery shop. You can use it to showcase items in your shop. And it will keep things fresh as well. 

Mini Donut Maker Machine Mold

If you love to eat donuts and you do not want to buy every time. Then you can buy this donut maker. With this mini donut maker machine mold now you can make fresh donuts every time you need. You can make donuts easily and quickly with this donut maker machine mold.

Product Description

It will make perfectly shaped donuts for you.

The donut maker machine easy to use and clean.

Its made from food-grade plastic.  

The overall built of this Mini Donut Maker Machine Mold is lightweight and durable.

The size of this Mini Donut Maker Machine Mold is 9 x 18 cm.

Key Features

Simple to Use Cake Or Donut Maker

Now you do not have to spend hours to make perfect size donuts. It’s simple and quick now with the help of mini donut maker machine mold. You only need to make a perfect batter for your donuts. And fill it in the donut maker. Then you need to press the handle, and a perfect shaped donut will come out.

High-quality Material Used In-Built

This mini donut maker machine mold made of food-grade plastic material. So it’s safe to use it for desserts. The cleaning is also effortless on this maker.

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