Chinese Cooking: How To Master The Art?


Chinese cooking can be complicated and simple at the same time. The attitude of most of the people regarding Chinese food is complicated to understand. Most of the people get chills down their spine only by the thought of it. But the truth is if you use the right kind of tools and learn the basics, you can quickly master the techniques. Chinese cooking is not tough at all. You have to make sure that you are totally dedicated to it. You can make most of the dishes from the Chinese cuisine using the pots and pans that you have in your kitchen.

Chinese cooking is effortless and does not require you to get any special equipment. You can make anything from dumplings to chicken to fish within minutes. It does not even matter if you will have to steam or fry; you can learn everything quickly. When it comes to Chinese cooking, the wok is an essential part of it. You must get it ready properly.

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Chinese Cooking: How To Master The Art?
Chinese Cooking: How To Master The Art?

How To Season A Wok In Chinese Cooking

Seasoning a wok refers to the process in which you make your dish resistant of rust while giving it an exceptional finish. It also helps in improving the flavour of the items. You only need to season iron, cast-iron, and steel woks to make them dust resistant. These materials are incredibly porous, which makes them prone to rust. Because of this process, you will be able to create multiple layers of coating of burnt oil on the material of the oaks. This will help you in covering the pores. And this will prevent the rusting of your wok. Your Chinese cooking will be amazing with the wok.

When you get your wok, remove the thin coating over it and wash it correctly with the help of a scrubber. And after you are done washing dry the work with the help of low heat. As soon as you see the wok turning yellowish in colour switch off the heat and wipe the wok with the help of a little vegetable oil. Again put the wok on medium heat for around 15 minutes and again repeat the process of cleaning it with a paper towel. You have to repeat this for three to four times until you do not get any black residue on the sheet. And once you get it, your task is complete.

Chinese Cooking: How To Master The Art?
Chinese Cooking: How To Master The Art?

Cleaning Your Wok

Once you are ready with your wok which has a beautiful non-stick coating you can start with your Chinese cooking. But for that, you also need to protect it adequately. When you are thinking of cleaning, never use any abrasive material for the same. It is even better not to use soap for washing it. All you need to do is place it under hot water and use a soft sponge to clean it properly. You can also leave it inside the hot water for a while so that the stubborn particles can come out.

And after you are done washing it, the next task is to dry it up. To dry it up you can just place it on low heat until all the water particles on it evaporate.

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