Maintaining Your Calories

Connected Smart Kitchen: Maintain Your Calories

Maintaining your calories with daily hectic routine is quite tedious. We do understand it. Few products are here to make your life simple.These products will make your life easier and way too comfortable to live than you must have imagined it to be. If you are short on time or busy with schedule, you can still maintain your calories by using them.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Each of us like the eggs to be cooked in different ways or boiled hard, medium, or soft. I wonder, how do you like? Boiling eggs can be a tedious task at times and more hectic if it comes to boil around a dozen of eggs. You can now prepare all your eggs with our new Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, which helps in maintaining your calories as well. Boil eggs just in 10 mins. Make fresh omelets, cook poached, or scrambled eggs at ease now.

This appliance will easily fit into your cabinets as well without taking much space in your kitchen. It has an auto shut off feature which alerts you when work is done and makes the process effortless for you. This cooker even consists of a measuring cup and shell piercing pin at the bottom, which makes your work handy. It is perfect for people who are short on time in their daily routine.

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Everybody busy with their schedule can make their meals in no time magically. It is a slow cooker with removable stoneware crock. It has a touch screen panel with programmable cooking time. This crock has a beautiful silicone stainless steel exterior, and metal handles with stay-cool wraps. It is easy for clean-ups and includes a cookbook for amazing recipes. You need to prepare the slow cooker in advance, a night before. Now add ingredients and refrigerate.

Now, in the morning set into heating base and set the timer. Once you reach back home, your dinner will be waiting for you. It has a glass lid which helps you in seeing your food while cooking and is ready to serve container to be placed on the dinner table. This crock’s touchscreen panel helps you in arranging your cooking settings and control the low, high, and warm speed. Overall it is worth the value and helps you in maintaining your calories even by cooking healthy food.

Breville Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ

Element IQ has 8 cooking capacities to direct you to flawlessness: bagel, toast, heat, sear, pizza, meal, treats, and warm. It transfers heat keenly crosswise over 4 quartz elements for exact and stable warmth where and when you need it for flawless outcomes, without fail. Very quickly at 1800W preheat it gets your suppers on the table all the more rapidly. This smart oven even ascertains the right time and temperature, Illuminating Orange during preheating and cooking, and blue once the cycle is finished. The dividers within the stove highlight a non-stick covering for simple cleaning and make it an easy task for you to maintain it. You can cook all your food with high and low calories in it.

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