Cooking Beet Recipes – What You Need To Know Before You Start Cooking

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The main problem with cooking beetroot is that it is often the last item on the shopping list of people who are looking to stock up on a good complementing vegetable for their food. Being the deep red color of its purple color, this route is very popular in Europe but is a lesser-known and much less frequently used vegetable in the USA. Here are some tips to make the most of cooking beet recipes in this country.

Beets are high in potassium, magnesium, and iron. This provides the body with a lot of vitamins and minerals which will help to counteract the high sodium content of foods. It also adds a great deal of protein to the diet and helps maintain healthy skin and nails. The skin of the beet contains a substance called beta-carotene, which converts the yellow coloring of the vegetable into a rich orange color. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene.

While at first glance beets may seem a little bland, with the exception of the black stems and the purple leaves, this route can be easily added to a wide range of soups, stews, casseroles, and sauces. Beets also go well with a wide range of beans, potatoes, and tomatoes. Because of their naturally sweet taste, beets are often added to apple-based dishes or desserts. In fact, the flavor of apples and beets often goes together better than sweet carrots and beets!

Cooking Beet Recipes

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You can try cooking beetroot in the same way that you cook red bell pepper or tomato. You will add the beets to a pan along with onion, garlic, salt, and pepper to bring out the natural sweetness of the root. You may leave the vegetables in their own juices until they begin to steam. Then, remove them from the heat and serve with fresh-cut lemon wedges or slices. For best results, serve them hot.

You can also steam beets. Boil them in water containing 2 tablespoons of bleach, cover, and simmer for about ten minutes. Uncover and add beets and boiling water again. Cook until the beets are soft. Drain off any liquid and serve hot.

Many people find beets most tasty when used in their favorite recipes, such as pumpkin pies, curried salads, and stews. The skin of the beets can even be used to prepare delicious bread. Use a beetroot cable to make a hearty and tasty brie. Other great beets recipes for the table include the following: a baked beets soup, beet and potato crockpot dish, beets and carrot soup, mashed beet, potato salad, a beet, and potato soup, and many others. No matter what recipe you choose, you will be happy with your choice of this leafy green vegetable.

There are a number of different ways to cook the beets. You can find a myriad of recipes online or in cooking magazines. You can also grow your own if you are interested in cooking for a large family or have a garden. If you grow a lot of beets, you may even be able to sell them at your farm stand or on the Internet.

A Much Ado

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While they may take some time to mature, it is worth the wait as these tender little vegetables have a unique, earthy flavor. Add them to soups, salads, and casseroles. You will find cooking beets an enjoyable and tasty way to incorporate the flavors of your favorite vegetables. You will also find that they are very easy to cook and are versatile plants to grow. Enjoy experimenting with different beets cooking recipes.

When you look through the many beets cooking recipes you will be able to select from the varying flavors offered. Some recipes use only beets while others will use carrots, celery, radishes, onions, and even peas. Even if you do not start with beets, you will most likely end up making some type of vegetable out of them at one point in time. The great thing about beets is that they do not have a bitter taste, which means that they can be added to all kinds of dishes.

There are some basic cooking tips for any recipe using this leafy green vegetable. The first thing is to keep in mind that when cooking beets it is important to always use cold water. This will help keep the vegetables tender and allow you to chop them without the skin becoming soft. Once you are done chopping the vegetable, drain off the water. It is important to allow the water to retain its shape while cooking.

Bottom Line

If you want to use fresh beets, it is important to first rinse them well. Beets will stain clothing and utensils so make sure you take care of them properly. When cooking beets use a sharp knife and be sure to slice them carefully as they tend to come out a bit slimy. When cooking beets it is also important to remember that they will change color during the cooking process so be sure to watch them. Just check them after about 20 minutes to make sure they are not mushy.

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