Cooking Tools and Equipment For The Best Cooking Experience

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When it comes to preparing your most delicious meal for your family or guests and chopping up your best vegetables into a nice size serving, chef knives and other cooking tools and equipment are your most important friends. Without the right tools, your meal preparation would be very hard, indeed. Of course, the ultimate kitchen tools and appliances list would be incomplete without these important kitchen tools. First things first: the most essential kitchen tools and appliances


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Every kitchen needs a good quality chef’s knife, preferably made of carbon steel. These knives are very crucial to any cooking job. You may consider yourself lucky if you do not have one already, but trust me, you’ll be thankful when that day comes. For all you know, your life may depend on it! For those who don’t have them, here’s a partial list of basic utensil that every kitchen should have:

Mixing Bowls

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The kitchen deserves the most important kitchen tool of them all: the mixing bowl. A good quality mixing bowl with an adjustable frother and non-stick spout is a must-have for a professional home cook. For a beginner, you can start with a simple stainless steel mixing bowl and for the more experienced home cook in a glass bowl with small holes drilled in it.


Probably, the most indispensable cooking tools and appliances you’ll ever own. You can use these colanders to separate foods in the cooking process. They come in different shapes and sizes, of course. Here are the basics of a good colander:


The basic kitchen tool. Perfect for deep frying, this frying pan has a wide base and thin, evenly distributed wings. If you want a pan that will go from stovetop to table, then a cast iron wok is for you. There are different types of cast iron woks available: the frying pan, the heavy cast iron one, and the stainless steel ones, perfect for preparing all sorts of foods.


Everyone needs spoons in their kitchen utensil arsenal, regardless of their expertise level. Spoons come in different designs, shapes and sizes. If you’re in the mood for something fancy, choose some fancy wooden spoons or go for the modern steel ones.

Cutting Board

Whether you’re a novice chef or an experienced one, you will need a cutting board in your kitchen. There are different types of cutting boards, designed specifically for different cooking techniques:

Wooden Spoon

Spoons are an essential item in the kitchen. Not only do they add character to your table, they also allow you to serve dishes with a touch of elegance. A wooden spoon can come in handy for mixing batter, scooping ingredients or spearing fish. If you’ve never made a good bread recipe, you’ll want to invest in a quality wooden spoon.

Measuring Spoons

Measuring cups are a must when it comes to preparing healthy meals. When measuring dry ingredients such as flour, sugar or fat, you can use a measuring cup to get the precise measurement. When measuring liquids like water or soups, however, you’ll need a measuring spoon. A colander is useful for collecting the cooking ingredients after you’re done mixing them. A colander can be purchased at your local home supply store or online.

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