Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas Recipe

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Well, there are some excellent varieties of chicken -mushroom recipes. However, we are here to know the Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas. This is yet again one of the tasty and exciting recipes to check out. Additionally, since these two ingredients come with an exceptional combination of items, it is better to experiment. However, eating the same preparation might make your mood off to eat any. Therefore trying something new once in a while is necessary for both e the mind and the body. Therefore without wasting any more, let us get to the ingredients list-

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Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas Recipe

Chicken-Mushroom: The Ingredient List For Making This Preparation

The level of this preparation is easy. However, you might need some 12 min to prepare them down And the total cooking time is around 16 min to be exact. Therefore the dish will get ready by some 28 min to be exact. Additionally, this recipe fits best for the four people. 

At first, take one tablespoon of canola oil

After taking one large-sized onion. However, chop it up. And also, make sure to have around 2 cups of this chopped onion.

After that, take 8 ounces of white button mushrooms, which is almost 3 cups. 

After that, take three cloves of garlic. Also, have them nice

Then take 2 cups of boneless chicken breast. Also, make sure to take them cooked. Also, make sure to take them cooked.

After that take one teaspoon of ground cumin

Then take one teaspoon of chili powder

After that take one teaspoon dried oregano

After that, take two cups of spinach leaves. Then take half teaspoon of salt

Then take one-fourth teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper

Then take four tortillas

Also, take one cup of shredded Mexican cheese

Then take half a cup of salsa and also one-fourth cup of reduced-fat sour cream

Now let us take a look at the directions to follow the preparation-

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Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas Recipe

The Methods To Prepare The Dish :

First, heat the cooking oil. Therefore take the large-sized cooking pot and heat it. After that, add the mushroom. However, try cooking them till the water of the mushroom gets evaporated. Also, look for the color to turn brown. After that, add the minced garlic. After that, cook for someone min or more if required. Then add the chicken. Also, go for adding the cumin, oregano, chili powder. Then mix all these items until they blend well. After that, add spinach, pepper, and salt. However, try cooking until the spinach gets wilted.

After that place, the tortillas. After that, add some grated cheese over it. After that, scoop out some of the vegetable mixtures and place it inside the tortillas. After that, heat up a skill and place the tortilla with the vegetable mixture in it. However, try greasing it with the oil. Flip it over gently then. However, wait for the cheese to meltdown. After that, slice it up within four pieces. After that, serve it with sour cream and the salsa. 

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