Easy Pasta Ideas For Dinner

Pasta contains a high amount of carbohydrates and regular consumption of the same is very harmful to health. In fact, a single bowl of pasta may cost your waistline. But it really doesn’t mean that you should stop eating pasta. Rather you should think about how to go healthy with pasta and prepare healthy pasta recipes.

To make pasta healthy, you can add a lot of ingredients that are good for health and balance the bowl pasta with a cup of nutrition. Some ingredients are so tasty and healthy that you cannot afford to say no to them. Ingredients to be added to make delicious as well as healthy pasta recipes:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Olive oil
  • Eggs
  • Chilies

The best thing about pasta is that it has diverse qualities and you can make it in countless peculiar ways by just adding different ingredients. Below-mentioned tips will help you in making any healthy pasta recipes:

  • Go with the wheat pasta:

You will have a lot of options to buy from various kinds of pasta in the market. Among all, the whole wheat pasta contains the highest nutritional values. But in any case, it’s better not to over-eat the pasta and check its size before cooking it. Otherwise, you’ll end up eating all until you feel full.

  • Add rich-fiber ingredients:

Make the vegetable pasta if you think about healthy pasta recipes! However, it may increase your efforts as you will have to chop the vegetable. But you will get far better results. You must avoid noodles and bring in the veggies as much as you can in a bowl of pasta. Fruits and veggies have more fiber content than anything else. Mix spinach, cauliflower, chili, and sprouts in it to make it healthier, nutritive, flavored, and colorful.

  • Avoid heavy cheese and cream: 

If you are preparing white pasta, it’s better to use least-fat dairy products. Full cheese and cream add a plus in overall weight. Instead, you can use milk or milk powder. Plain Greek yogurt or high-quality ricotta can also be a good alternative to pack with.

  • Don’t overcook the pasta: 

Some people like slight firmness in pasta while others like it to fully cook. You won’t believe that cooking can make a difference in being healthy. But it’s true at least in case of pasta because starches break down as much as you cook. If you cook pasta al dente, you’ll be full for a longer time and your body will require plenty of water. And such intake will help you in digesting the pasta easily and avoid eating anything over your pasta plate.

  • Red sauces are better than white sauces:

The cream sauce is more delicious than red sauce. Isn’t it? But the red sauce is not that bad! Sometimes, satisfying health or satisfying tongue cannot go parallel. You have to give up one of the two. Be mindful this time and choose the red sauce for your pasta as it is healthier than white creamy sauce.

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