Electric Lunch Boxes – The Best Of 2019


Electric lunch boxes are so in demand! Those cold winter days and the craving for a hot meal during your food break! Yes, we have all been there before. Or if you are going on a picnic in your camper, the idea of a steaming, hot plate of food is irresistible, isn’t it? Since the invention of electric kitchenware, heated lunch boxes have broken the mold! Simply plug it in and sit back as your meal gets warmed within a few minutes only. 

There are many electric lunch boxes available in the market these days and making the right choice is no easy task. Keep in mind a few things before you make your decision. What is your purpose behind buying a heated lunch box? What size would fit your requirement? How easy is the operation on it? What about durability? You don’t want your electric lunch box to give up soon. And most importantly, how portable is it? The idea of heating your food in an electric lunch box stems from the place that you won’t have a regular stove at.  Hence, the ease of carrying this electric heater is significant while making your choice.

Allow us to help you out, have a look at the top electric lunch boxes listed below for your convenience.

Gideon Electric Lunch Box

This light-weight heated lunch box tops our list. It needs a 12V power source- making it a great choice for camping trips in your vehicle. AT2.5lbs, portability gets ticked right off! What’s great is that it is priced only at 25$, making it cost-effective as well. For the power source, the cigarette lighter in your car is a great example of a valid source. Now have hot meals in the comfort of your vehicle! The interior of the lunch box is non-stick aluminum and can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Electric Lunch Boxes - The Best Of 2019
Electric Lunch Boxes – The Best Of 2019

YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box

This heated lunch box can be yours for 30$ as it uses food-grade stainless steel used for the interior. Not suitable for outdoors as it used 110V power source, hence best for home-office use only.

Supow Portable Electric Lunch Box

This one costs about 31$, mainly for its food-grade stainless steel and the noticeable design. 

Electric Lunch Boxes - The Best Of 2019
Electric Lunch Boxes – The Best Of 2019

AISME Portable Electric Box

This lightweight box has separate compartments for rice and curry, making it convenient to carry outdoors. Priced at 21$, it comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

YISSVIC Electric Box

This one is again a good choice for outdoor trips as it comes with a 12V power requirement. The electric charger of your car houses a 12V power supply. Made of stainless steel, Yissvic may be a good choice for beginners.

LAYOPO Heated Box

Layopo is good for home and office use as it needs a steady 220V power supply. The capacity in this is at 1.5liters and stainless steel lines the food boxes. The containers are removable, making it easy to clean.

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