Fireplace Cooking Tools – Different Ways To Cook Or Grill In The Fireplace

fireplace cooking tools

Cooking in the fireplace is considered cozy, romantic, and calm. Also, just like barbecuing, it does not depend on the weather, which is a significant advantage. Furthermore, cooking on a food wire provides delicious flavor to the food. There are various ways to grill or cook in the fireplace. These cooking methods are derived from cooking in the fireplace when you do not have a stove.

In this style of cooking, all kinds of fireplace accessories are used. Fireplace cooking tools are essential to regulate the fire for the preparation of food. These are required to prepare the food, to hang the pan or the food in front of the fire. Here, we are representing some of the different ways to cook or grill in the fireplace.

Two Andirons With Spit Hooks At The Corresponding Height

A bunch of food sitting on top of a wooden table

This cooking method is suitable for cooking anything on the spit:

  1. Leg of lamb, a whole chicken, eggplant, fish in a fish spit, vegetable skewer, etc.
  2. Create a fire that has been burning for some time.
  3. Shift the fire backward so that the spit is in front of the fire and not in the fire.
  4. Take into account your safety and protection when turning the spit.
  5. Put the drip tray beneath the place where the spit will be.
  6. Attach the food on the spit and put the spit on the spit tools.
  7. Keep the fire relatively warm for toasting the food, and keep altering the spit constantly.

Some spots have a comfortable handle for this.

A Roasting Jack Is One Of The Fireplace Cooking Tools

A wooden cutting board

A roasting jack is a tiny iron box comprising a clock mechanism with a spring wound with a key. A spit interpolated with one tip in the roasting jack, and the other side put on a support or the spit hooks of the firedogs. The spit rotates smoothly due to the spring, making the food evenly brown and cooked. This method is suitable for cooking anything on the spit: leg of lamb, a whole chicken, eggplant, fish in a fish spit, vegetable skewer, etc.

Cooking With A Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a molded iron pan on legs, ordinarily, with a lowered cover. Due to the lowered lid of the oven, you can place glowing coals on the lid. Make sure the fire has ignited long ample that there are glowing particles of charcoal. Turn the fire backward and the glowing coals forward then, place the oven on the lustrous ash and coal, give close attention to the heat source. You can alter the heat by shifting more or fewer glowing coals under the trivet by increasing the burning of the charcoal with the help of a blow poker.


Moreover, keep the fire gently warm for the food roasting and reduce the fire using a fireplace cooking tool. Ensure the fire is hot enough to prepare the food but not so fiery that the food will burn. A meat thermometer helps determine when the meat is done for, for instance, lamb or roast beef.

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