Healthy Fast Food: What Do You Know About It

Healthy Fast Food: What Do You Know About It

Healthy fast food – is it possible? I know many of you are thinking about this. But the truth is, yes you can have fast food and that too in a healthy way. You only need to twist the meals and the manner of eating. For example, when we eat fast foods, we consume about 836 calories. But you should limit the intake within 500 calories. Always opt for foods rich in fiber and protein but low in fat. Try to avoid trans fats as much as you can. 

Do you like extra topping or side dishes? Then opt for nuts, fresh vegetable sticks, yogurt, and fresh fruits. 

Healthy Fast Food: What Do You Know About It
Healthy Fast Food: What Do You Know About It

Choose those fast foods that have a low amount of sodium. As per research, the adults should not consume more than 1500 mg of sodium every day. Though fast foods contain high sodium, by planning and choosing wisely, you can limit the intake. 

Healthy Fast Food – The Options To Try

When you are going out or ordering foods from outside, try to follow the guidelines below.

  • I am sure you like the cheeseburger with double patties. But why don’t you opt for the hamburger with one patty and no cheese? 
  • Grilled strips of chicken are always healthy. So you should try them if you feel like having chicken nuggets. 
  • Baked potatoes are the right choice if you like to have French fries. 
  • If you are about to order a salad with lots of bacon and ranch dressing, opt for the garden salad with low-fat dressing. You can choose grilled chicken as the tasty topping. 
  • Change your tasty milkshake with tasty yogurt parfait without any additional topping. 
  • Crispy fried chicken is delicious. But it is not healthy. So, give it a healthy touch by choosing chicken breast without skin and breading. 
  • Instead of fried chicken sandwich, opt for the grilled version. 
  • Ditch the popcorn chicken or teriyaki wings by choosing a barbecue chicken sandwich. 
  • Mashed potatoes make healthy fast food, and you can have it instead of biscuit and chicken bowl. 
Healthy Fast Food: What Do You Know About It
Healthy Fast Food: What Do You Know About It

Some Tips To Follow

When you have fast food, always keep your eye on the portion. Many food chains provide a high amount of food, even if you order single serving. So, stay away from the items that have value-size or super-size. 

If you are ordering meat dishes, always opt for roasted as well as grilled versions. And lean meat is an excellent option to limit calorie intake. 

Before ordering the food, read the descriptions of each item. Thus, you will know about the ingredients of the dish and whether they are healthy or not. 

Many people think that the foods that are sounding healthy are genuinely healthy. For example, we generally believe a salad is healthy. But sometimes they come with lots of unhealthy dressings which do much harm rather than any good. 

If you are choosing any condiments or salad dressing, get an idea about the fat content. It is wise to opt for the dressing or condiments that have low fat and sodium.

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