Healthy Food For Kids: Feed Them Good


Healthy food for kids plays a significant role in their growth. As kids are growing up, it has become very obvious for them to be healthy because it is at this stage when their immune systems get affected if not taken care of. This is the time when you start building a healthy immune system for them so that they do not get affected. Kids do not like to eat veggies and the mothers go through quite a tantrum as they don’t know how to incorporate the vegetables into the food. Healthy food for kids should not be an option but a necessity. It is the thing that will be used as a supplement to all the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a body. 

Foods For Kids:

In this article, we will talk about foods for kids that are healthy and will provide you with ideas as to how to corporate vegetables into food without even them knowing about it. Including vegetables in your child’s diet is a very dangerous game and you have to trade carefully. 


Avocados are very healthy and are a supplement of many vitamins and minerals. Even though avocados are a bit expensive and do not taste that good but it is very good for health. Some foods in which you can incorporate avocados are chocolate brownie or chocolate mousse. Paste the avocado before mixing it into the batter and use ganache or cocoa powder to camouflage the taste. They will not know the difference. You can give them avocado toast too. 


Healthy Food For Kids: Feed Them Good
Healthy Food For Kids: Feed Them Good

Yoghurt is very healthy and you can give this to your child too. No need to camouflage it. Yoghurt is available in many flavours which you can find on any shelves. 

Beans: Well, they won’t eat the beans if you give them chilling but yeah if you wrap them up in a tortilla and make beautiful and tasty empanadas out of it then voila. It is fully packed lunch which has grains, beans, rice and some nutritional herbs too.

Eggs: Each and every kid like eggs. I mean it’s a little ball of sunshine wrapped in a white cloud. The half-boiled egg is best served with garlic bread which will attract the attention of the kids. You can scramble it or make an omelette out of the eggs and serve it on a bed of mushrooms. 

Green Veggies:

Well, they don’t like that. It’s the truth. There’s no way of camouflaging it too. So what you have to do is make it more interesting. Use kale or spinach to make chips out of it. Yes, it is an interesting way to encourage them to eat greens. Lightly roast Sprouts and broccoli or beans with a bit of spice and serve them with hummus. 

Healthy Food For Kids: Feed Them Good
Healthy Food For Kids: Feed Them Good

Fruits: There are many kids who do not like fruits. Fruits are a great supplement of vitamins and you can either make jam out of them or serve them with either chocolate ganache or caramel sauce. 


Kids do not like weeds as they don’t have any taste. Grind them into a powder and make pancakes, cupcakes out of them. This food for kids is a great alternative. 

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