Here Are A Few Simple Steamer Cooking Recipes To Try At Home

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Find a selection of some of the best steamer cooking recipes here, including chicken momos, Patra, honey sponge cake, bhapa aloo, Thai steamed fish, and many more, along with crucial ingredients and instructions on how to prepare them.

1. Steamed Spring Rolls

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Fish, crab, chicken, and mushroom filling are wrapped in a slice of yam root and cooked. These low-calorie spring rolls are a healthier alternative to fried ones. You can serve them with any dip you choose.

2. Steamed Asparagus With Potato And Leek Sauce

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In a pool of potato and leek sauce, steamed yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, and asparagus batons are presented. We noticed you slurping there.

3. Palak Vada Steamed

A healthy vada made with atta, besan, sooji, and spinach. What’s more, guess what? They are steamed rather than fried.

4. Steamed Prawns In Garlic Sauce

Steamed prawns in a mouthwatering garlic sauce in a no-fuss dish. Simple yet oh very fulfilling! Serve it with a plate of noodles or a side of crisp greens.

5. Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels

Flour wrappers have been substituted with blanched cabbage wrappers to add a healthier twist. The taste of dim sums is retained, but the calories are not counted. These steamed parcels are filled with delicious chicken mince filling and are a treat to eat.

6. Steamed Thai Fish

Fish fillets are steamed and served with a freshly produced creamy sauce in various flavors—a relaxing supper option.

7.Bhapaa Aloo

Baby potatoes are cooked after being marinated in a unique five-spice blend, mustard paste, curd, and coconut. For a hearty lunch, serve it with a bowl of steamed rice.


A thick gram flour and tamarind batter is spread on arbi leaves, rolled, steamed, and cut into small rounds to prepare an attractive snack. Finish with sesame seed and coconut tempering on top.

9.Honey Sponge Cake

Custard powder and honey are used to make this delicious and spongy cake. Steamed and served with chocolate sauce and roasted melon seeds.

10.Bread Pudding

Bread, milk, raisins, and marmalade are combined in this dainty pudding. This quick recipe is perfect for days when you want to pamper yourself, but your kitchen cupboard isn’t exceptionally stocked with a wide variety of goods.

11. Chicken Momos

Instead of buying momos on the street, prepare them at home with this delicious recipe. This delectable appetizer hails from Nepal’s Himalayas and is a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy it with hot chilly garlic chutney.


Steaming is considered one of the healthiest cooking methods, and the most significant thing is that it is simple, convenient, and quick. To prepare a platter of freshly steamed vegetables or a fillet of butter garlic fish, you don’t have to work up a sweat in the kitchen. So, what’s the best way to steam food? Of course, having steamer cooking recipes at home is the most acceptable way to steam your meals. The new electric models also include a timer, making it easy to keep an eye on your food and prevent it from overcooking. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. You can also use a large heavy-bottomed pan and a perforated plate to build a makeshift steamer. However, the outcome may differ.

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