Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe To Try This Season


Nasi goreng recipe in the Indonesian language means fried rice. This fried rice is famous as it has both pieces of meat and vegetables. With soya sauce, it tastes authentic. It is a traditional dish in Indonesia. Also, the spice lovers love to eat this dish with prawns, omelets, and chicken pieces.
Furthermore, this dish has cabbage, carrot, and sambal sauce that gives it an excellent authentic taste. It is popularly a street food and is available everywhere in Indonesia. Moreover, nasi goreng is the second most famous dish in Indonesia.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe
Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe
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Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe

2 tbsp of oil/ butter
One bowl of boil rice
½ onion (chop it)
Two garlic pieces crushed or grated
100 grams of chicken chopped
Two eggs
One carrot grated
½ bell pepper
½ cabbage, chopped
1 tbsp sweet soy sauce
Salt according to taste
Pinch of white pepper
Sambal ( a Balinese condiment) is a spicy sauce made using chili and garlic
Corn chips

Method For Making Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe

In a pan, heat some oil or butter according to your preference.
Now add chopped garlic let it turn golden brown
Then add chopped chicken pieces stir it with the garlic. Cook it on high flame.
As the color of the chicken, changes add a beaten egg. And mix it with the chicken.
Moreover, as the egg starts to cook with the chicken, add boil rice. Make sure the rice does not break while mixing it with the chicken.
Now add salt, pepper, and sweet Indonesian soy sauce.
Finally, add all the chopped vegetables that are cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, and beans. Mix it and let the veggies cook partially.
And also finally add sambal and give the rice a quick mix.
Plate the nasi goreng with a fried egg on top. Season the egg with a little salt and pepper.
The plating looks so yummy that one wants to dig into the rice and gobble it as soon as possible. For all those who love sambal, can top up the fried egg with it. The mouthwatering Nasi Goreng is ready to eat.

Recipe To Make Sambal

100 grams of red chili grate it
One full bulb of garlic (peel it)
4tbsp of oil
1 cup of water
1 tsp of Thai chili powder
vinegar 1 tbsp.
Salt to taste
In a mixer, blend the chilies. Keep it aside.
Heat oil in a pan and add grated garlic and blended chilies. Stir it continuously.
Also, add a little bit o salt to taste so that the chili and the garlic release the moisture.
Add water to it and let it cook. Also, remember to add water in small proportions.
Finally, add Thai chili powder to give the sambal a ready-made look.
If you want to keep the sambal for a more extended period, add vinegar. Finally, turn off the flame.
All those who do not like the taste of vinegar add lime juice.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe
Indonesian Nasi Goreng Recipe


Vendors generally sell this dish on the streets of Indonesia. It is a perfect street food one can say. With mouthwatering flavors, this dish is fantastic. One needs to try it for sure. Moreover, it is a mix of sweet and spicy flavors.

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