The Great Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea Debate

The Great Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea Debate

Some people in the world would only prefer their steaming cup of tea brewed with loose leaf tea, while others prefer bagged tea. What is the difference? Well, tea lovers have unique tastes, and each one has a separate preference for the way they like their tea. While milk and sugar tea is quite common in many places, there are other places where people have salt in their tea. Interestingly, in Russia, people prefer to have their tea with jam. Let’s go over the differences between the two in this article.

Quality Differences Between Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea

Loose tea is generally higher in quality than the tea found in teabags. Most often, tea bags are used to disguise the low quality of tea. While buying loose tea, you can check the quality and refuse it if you find it to be shredded, crumbled, or mixed with dustiness. But if you cannot check the quality of tea in teabags. However, some companies make high-quality tea bags, but as a rule of thumb, the loose variety has a better quality.

Convenience Factor Between Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea

You need a proper infuser when preparing loose leaf tea. It is more convenient to use bagged tea, and it is more travel-friendly. You need to dunk in the bags and then remove them once your hot water has got its flavor. It is also easier to dump tea bags in the trash. Dumping spent loose tea leaves in a dustbin is also a task, and you need to be careful about not creating a mess.

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The Great Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea Debate

Environmental Factor Between Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea

If you see the environmental factor between the two, tea bags have a small amount of plastic in them, which poses a threat to the environment. On the other hand, a loose leaf tea is eco-friendly. It is best to go for bio-degradable tea bags.

Try Creating Your Own Blend Of Tea

If you prefer to create your bags with carefully selected loose leaf tea yourself, then you can do it. You can empty tea bags that you can fill yourself. This enables you to pour in the finest quality into your tea bags and have it conveniently whenever you want. You can add your herbs and spices into the tea and have your special flavored tea bags with you always ready.

Grab This Cool Product If You Love Tea

Empty Tea Bag Green Tea Infuser

Image result for Empty Tea Bag Green Tea Infuser
The Great Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Bagged Tea Debate

This cool, DIY green tea infuser bags will enable you to create your drinking tea bags. It is suitable to use for spice, tea, and herbal powders and is ideal for filling 3 to 8 g of the mixture. The material used in the teabags is a non-woven fabric. It is 5 cm x 7 cm in dimensions. You get 100 empty tea bags in one package. If you are fond of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, or such other spices in your tea, then you can easily add these in the tea bags along with the tea to get your special herbal tea.

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