Make A Delicious Meal With Our Crockpot Cooking Tips

crockpot cooking tips

The beauty of utilizing a slow cooker, often known as a Crock-Pot, is how simple it is to use. Prepare your ingredients, place them in the slow cooker, turn them on and use these crockpot cooking tips.

The good ones ensure that dinner is served. Great ones, on the other hand, are remembered, discussed, and desired. Here are a few pointers to help you convert simple slow-cooker dishes into show-stoppers that everyone will appreciate. These pointers will also assist you in determining whether a slow-cooker dish is likely to be fantastic—and when you should keep scrolling.

1. Select The Correct Size

Cooking Tips

Slow cookers come in various sizes, ranging from one quart to eight and a half quarts. Each recipe specifies the size of the oven to be used. It ensures that the slow cooker doesn’t overflow or underfill and that your meal cooks appropriately. Slow-cooker recipes from EatingWell work best in a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker.

2. Don’t Put Excess Food In Your Slow Cooker

Cooking Tips

Don’t overfill your slow cooker to ensure that your dish is ready when the recipe says it will be and avoid any food safety issues. The majority of manufacturers recommend filling slow cooker crocks no more than two-thirds full. However, this varies by model. Consult your owner’s handbook for more information.

Look for a larger slow cooker if your ingredients will fill it. Don’t try to trim the dish in half or omit ingredients. Slow-cooker recipes have been tried and tested to produce the most outstanding results in the shortest amount of time.

3. Cover It With A Lid

Refrain from lifting the cover and peeking into your meal. The slow cooker’s lid is opened, allowing heat and moisture to escape and slowing the cooking process. Leave the cover until your food reaches the low end of the cooking range specified in the recipe. To put it another way, if the directions say to cook the food for six to eight hours, don’t open the lid until the sixth hour. Feel free to lift the lead at this stage to check temps and soreness. If it requires additional time, replace the cover and only remove it after 30 to 45 minutes to check for doneness. 

4. Prepare Your Meals Ahead of Time

• Cut and trim any meat, cut any veggies, measure dry ingredients, and prepare any sauce the night before; chill the components in separate containers.

• In the morning, assemble the ingredients in the slow cooker according to the recipe; reheat any sauce to a simmer before adding it. If you aren’t home until the conclusion of the cooking period, make sure you have a slow cooker with a warming mode.

5. Make The Most Of The Flavor

When we have a little more time, though, we like to brown my meat and vegetables before placing them in a slow cooker. Then we use my liquid to “deglaze” the pan, transferring all the brown, caramelized bits from the sauté pan to the pressure cooker. You’ll get a deeper flavor that you can’t get from slow cooking alone.


Don’t despair if you’ve ever placed a bunch of stuff into a slow cooker, daydreamed about the fantastic food within all day, and then opened the lid a few hours later to find sloppy mush. Use our crockpot cooking tips to enjoy slow-cooked delicious recipes daily.

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