Must Have Cooking Tools for Your Vegan Kitchen

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Whether you’re a seasoned chef who’s just starting out on your own, an experienced vegan chef looking back at his/her past, or even you’re a long-time vegetarian who’s just beginning to cook, consider that these must-have cooking tools will really assist you in creating the dishes you want. You may have a natural flair for creating exquisite and flavorful dishes, but if you don’t have the right equipment – these will really come in handy. Let’s take a look at what you need when you prepare food on a normal basis.

Probably one of the most important items on the list is a good air fryer. Air fryers make the air come into contact with the food you’re baking, which allows the nutrients in your food to be leached out. For example, instead of boiling water, which means the food will get overcooked, cooking your foods with an air fryer allows it to reach the proper nutrition levels. Not only does an air fryer allow you to speed up the cooking process, but it also minimizes the spillage and cleanup. This air-tight seal also makes it much easier to mix your batter – a necessity in many recipes.

Your next must-have kitchen tool is a good stainless steel food processor. If you haven’t been a big fan of stainless steel appliances in the past, you’ll probably be surprised at how affordable they can be. They’re a snap to clean and can handle all of the heavy liftings that happens in the kitchen. Some of the top brands such as Cuisinart, Blenders, and Bosch all have great lines of appliances available.

Must Have Cooking Tools

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It was tough for me to decide whether to go with a traditional or a digital slow cooker when I began my new kitchen makeover, but once I made the decision, I knew I wanted to incorporate both of them. In order to keep my meals flavorful and nutritious, I needed to be able to keep the spices and other items pure. That’s why I chose to use a vegetarian slow cooker over the non-vegan options. It also helped us stay on budget, as all the ingredients and cups of food were pre-priced at the local grocery store. It wasn’t long before we were all buying our own organic vegetables, which definitely kept our grocery bill down.

Another must-have for vegans is a quality baking pan. We used regular ovens to bake all of our desserts, which really dried us out. A quality vegan baking pan not only will help you create mouth-watering delicious desserts but will help you reduce your fat intake and improve your health. If you’ve ever eaten a bad tasting baked dessert, you’ll know why it was so bad.

A Much Ado

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Baking pans are no longer just stainless steel. They come in a variety of different materials. Non-stick pans are easier to clean and more affordable than stainless steel. You also don’t have to worry about toxic material or rusted spots anymore. Nowadays, many people are choosing to use stainless steel cookware. There are many good quality non-stick pans available on the market that are very reasonably priced.

A coffee grinder makes the perfect addition to your kitchen. Even if you aren’t a chef, you can easily grind your own coffee beans and create amazing specialty drinks! A coffee grinder has two sides so that you can grind fresh coffee beans right in your kitchen.

Bottom Line

The final must-have cooking tools we purchased for our new vegan kitchen were a food processor and a juicer. Although these items aren’t considered to be vegan food, they also don’t add calories to your diet. A blender and juicer really took a beating in our family kitchen. I’m glad we didn’t keep any large glass jars with us on our trip. Now we carry a single blender and a single juicer with us everywhere!

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