Pasta Bake: Simple and easy recipes

pasta bake recipe ingredients

Pasta is an Italian food rich in carbohydrates and available in all kinds of countries. Pasta is known by different names in different countries. There are various kinds of shapes and sizes of pasta. A total number of 310 special kinds which has over 1300 official names are present today.  There are various kinds of pasta bake recipes cooked by the people globally. Nonvegetarian cooking recipes with various ingredients like tuna, beef, chicken, and fish are prepared within minutes.

Easy Pasta Bake Recipes With Low Calories Cooked In Minutes

There are several pasta bake recipes not only non-vegan but also vegan that can be cooked in minutes. Some of the famous recipes are baked conchiglioni with sausage, sage, and butternut, pasta bake salmon, truffled macaroni, etc.

Tuna and Broccoli Pasta Recipe

The pasta bake recipe is usually a favorite among families and is cooked within an hour or more. It can be a great choice for lunch. The ingredients required for the preparation is simple and easily available at home. The entire recipe takes hardly 20 mins to be prepared and can easily serve four people.

Ingredients Required Preparing The Pasta

2 cans of tuna (370gms) dipped in olive oil and drained well

800gms of chopped tomato along with herbs and garlic

350gm dried pasta

300gm chopped florets of broccoli (small size)

200gm light and soft cheese

100gm finely chopped cheddar

25gm of breadcrumbs

Steps To Prepare The Pasta Bake Tuna And Broccoli

The first step is simple. Take a large saucepan and heat the reserved oil drained from the tuna fish. Add 200ml of water along with the tomatoes and pasta. Simmer the pasta while cooking and in the same way, follow the instructions mentioned in the pasta pack. After some time, add the broccoli and cook for three minutes. Finally, drain the entire thing and reserve some of the water left.

The second step is to heat the grill. The tomato sauce mixed with the soft cheese and stirred until melted. The mix is then added to broccoli, pasta, and drained tuna fish. Add a little bit of cooking water if the sauce becomes thick. Finally spread some salt and pepper on top of the pasta for seasoning.

The last and final step is to put the entire pasta into an ovenproof plate. Next, sprinkle and spread some cheddar and breadcrumbs. Finally, grill the entire preparation for four to six minutes until it turns to bubble and golden in color. The pasta bake tuna and broccoli are ready and can be served with an optional salad.

Nutrition Intake Per Serving Of The Pasta Bake Recipe

Kcal- 707

Fat- 25gm

Saturates- 12gm

Carbs- 75gm

Sugar- 10gm

Fiber- 7gm

Protein- 48gm

Salt- 1.8gm

Pasta Bake: A Note From Dietitians

Pasta is rich in protein, carbohydrate, and fibers. It contains mineral components like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B. According to the national healthcare system, one-third of our diet must contain about 100gm of high starch foods like pasta. Baked pasta can be both healthy and tasty.

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