Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box: Know More

Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box: Know More

A portable Food warmer sounds exciting and the product itself is exciting. If you are a working person you must have faced a few terrible things. In case, you are carrying some food that can be only eaten only if it is hot, and guess what? Till you reach the office and of course the lunchtime arrives, your food will be no hotter. Isn’t it enough terrible? However, if you are someone who loves their food to be hot then you obviously need a suggestion. In this article, you will get the solution to your problem though but cold food can really be annoying.

Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box

Well, your tension of having cold and tasteless food at the office is probably going to end. There are many foods that can not be eaten if that is not hot and that’s the reason we are continuously finding the solution. We generally make our lunch at early morning and leave for office and when finally we get the time to do our lunch, it’s irritating to eat tasteless cold foods. This portable food warmer can help you in many ways and you can not just miss out on this.

Features Of This Warmer Lunch Box:

This product will make you amazed so let’s just check out the features of this.

  • This food warmer is so good that it will effectively reheat your meal and the dishes you will be carrying to your office for lunch that too conveniently. This is portable and you can just plugin this lunch box in order to make it hot.
  • If you are at school or even office, you do not need to worry about your cold meals because switching on the plug will literally let you enjoy a super delicious and warm meal.
  • You will get a lot of color option and the device function will be primarily holding a meal in order to keep it warm enough for consumption.
  • It has super strong and sturdy locking buckles that will not lead to any sort of leakage. You can heat your meal up to 70 degrees Celsius and it comes with an indicator lamp. Once, your food is warm it will show you light and you need to switch it off then.
  • The heating time duration can be up to 30 to 50 minutes as per your food quantity though. But, your kids can also use it. As it has no sort of electricity risk.

This lunch box is nothing but perfect for everyone out there. You will get a separate spoon and spoon compartment in this box. Apart from that, it will give you the option of having your lunch at your convenient temperature. It has a capacity of 1.05 liters that has two compartments. One compartment is capable of 0.66 liters of rice and 0.45 liter of dish box. The material is made of PP plastic which is perfect for foods.

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