CHAUDER Reusable Salad Container


All in One Function: Includes all you need for a salad meal. No more other accessories you need to purchase.
Keep Salad Fresh: A removable ice pack is attached under the lids to keep food fresh and tasty on the go.
Leakproof Dressing Container: Removable and 2oz capacity. Keep the dressing separate from the salad until the meal time.
4-Compartments Tray: This tray can store up to 4 different kinds of toppings or snacks separately.
Salad Mixing Bowl: After putting all the food you store in tray, bowl and dressing container, you can use the fork to help you mix the salad.


CHAUDER Salad Box to Go with Dressing Container is designed to be all-in-one-pack, to help you get rid of preparing and carrying lots of different tools but only for one salad meal. In this salad bowl, all accessories are built-in and removable to wash and use. You can only take this bowl to work or schools, and enjoy the self-made fresh and tasty salad. What a must for all salad and healthy diet lovers.

Large salad box, dressing dispenser, and 4-compartments tray are used to keep wet and dry ingredients separately until the meal time.
A built-in removable ice pack can keep food fresh for about 4 hours, suitable for work and school lunch.
Lockable lids provide you a perfect salad shaker after you put all ingredients into the bowl. Just shake it and enjoy the tasty salad.
All components are stacked easily on the large salad mixing bowl. It realizes the actual meaning of the on-the-go salad container.

Package Includes: 
1 x salad container to go
1 x dressing dispenser
1 x reusable fork
1 x detachable ice pack
1 x 4 compartments tray


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