Quick Easy Healthy Meals For your everyday routine

quick easy healthy meals

We love to have a healthy lifestyle. We want to eat healthy but we think that healthy food is not tasty and delicious. But that is nor true. You can make a healthy meal tasty and yummy by adding some healthy but delicious ingredients into your meal. Nowadays, when everyone is working in the family. No one gets more than an hour to cook a meal. Then they end up ordering unhealthy junk food from restaurants. But not any more. We have come up with a list of healthy meals that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

Zucchini Noodle Soup 

Healthy Meals

This is one of the quickest and healthiest whole meals. You can add more veggies that you like. Garnish this soup with green onions and sesame seeds. It is a trendy way to warm up your day. You can try this mid week meal in your lunch or dinner. It is low in calories, gluten free and provides vitamin A and C, fiber and potassium. 

Chicken Tortilla 

Healthy Meals

Chicken is the healthiest food ever. It helps to boost your energy and enthusiasm. And the most important thing is that chicken is very delicious and yummy. Every chicken dish is tasty. This chicken tortilla is on our top list as it has a room for all experiments. You need only chicken breasts, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese and lettuce. The lettuce will be the base of all your tasty ingredients. And that will be the healthier twist of your dish.

Garlic Butter Chicken 

This trendy, juicy and healthy chicken recipe. Rich garlic sauce with the extra splash of wine will make this dish even more flavoursome and elegant. This recipe will only take 15 minutes to cook and give you more reasons to love it. This stovetop chicken recipe can be served in family dinners or even you can try it on special occasions or dates. 

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are healthier and rich with nutritions. And this dish will only take about 20 minutes to complete. This dish is loaded with fiber, potassium and vitamin C. You can make this dish once a week and it’ll be your family’s living dish. In the stuffing you can add ingredients of your liking like sauteed veggies, chicken, cheese or beans. This dish is super versatile, you can add anything and it’ll work. 

Dinner Salad 

Larger, filling and go-to dinner salad is easy and quick to make and it is full of healthiness. You can include plenty of fiber, protein and healthy fats in your one platter salad. For the base you can take green veggies then choose one heavy ingredient like grilled shrimps, chicken, salmon or eggs to provide filling. Then garnish your dish with herbs, seeds, beans, sauces, roasted sweet potatoes to complete your dish. 


We have mentioned some of the best and easy healthy meals for your everyday routine. We hope you liked this article and you are going to try these meals. Happy reading!

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