Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bar Mouth Watering Recipe

Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bar Mouth Watering Recipe

Here are many flavors for baking cakes and making them super delicious. Though e show gives a try to different taste whenever we make the cake. So here is a tasty berry flavor cake baking recipe. Though this is yummy still depends on one choice that they will like it or not.

What Is Berry?

Berry is a type of fruit which is pulpy, small and is usually edible. There are many types of berries. Though we can say, the berry is a type of fruit which is subdivided among different fruits. Some example of barriers is strawberry, raspberry, black currant, white currant, red currant, and blueberries.

Mostly they are round-shaped and brightly colored. Although there taste can vary on different types. Some taste sweet, some taste sour and some leaves a sweet and sour tangy flavor taste to your tongue.

Although they are fruits to eat, some can cause posses danger to you since some berries do not come under the category of edible one. They can be poisonous to the human body and may give a life threat to you. Example of harmful berries is deadly nightshade and pokeweed.

Berry Good An Attractive Fruit

Berries are so attractive and tempting. Hence a ripened berry is very bright in color that the can attract animals and bird also. Their appearance depends on the plant on which they grow, as these different flavored and colored berries are natural.

Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bar Mouth Watering Recipe
Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bar Mouth Watering Recipe

Though this fruit is attractive and tasty but also have a good effect on health. Although its benefit to health is not claimed yet due to the presence of polyphenols, it is considered as an antioxidant. Although if they don’t have any useful effect except for two types nor they possess any threat to human life.

Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bars Recipe

This requires simple steps and simple ingredients. Though there is no substitute for the eggs in this recipe. Let us learn how to prepare rasp berry cheesecake.


Crushed digestive biscuit- 1 and ¼ cup

Melted butter- ¼ cup

Cream cheese- 2 and ½ cup

Sugar- ½ cup

Eggs- 3

Lemon zest- 1 tsp

Whipped cream- 1 cup

Raspberry preserve- ¼ cup

Process To Prepare This Tasty Cake Recipe

First, preheat your oven at 150 degrees C.

Take a square or any other shape pan. Grease it. Put parchment sheet for betters results and easy working.

Take a large bowl and mix crushed biscuit and melted butter in the pan. This is mixed properly, so every crushed biscuit gets coated with butter.

Now pour this mixture in the pan and press it firmly. Make use this mixture spread evenly all in the pan. Now place it in a refrigerator.

Let it get settled. Till then, you can prepare filling.

To prepare the filling, take sugar and cream mix them well and make the mixture fluffy.

Now add in the cream one by one and mix the one egg at a time though this will give a better result.

Then add lemon zest and pour the filling in the biscuit base.

Now put keep the pan into an oven-safe container half-filled with water.

Bake at 150 C for 40 to 45 mins.

Refrigerate for 4 to 5 hours. Then cut in bars and serve.

Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bar Mouth Watering Recipe
Rasp Berry Cheese Cake Bar Mouth Watering Recipe
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