Refined Carbs And Sugar: The Diet Saboteurs

Carbs And Sugar

Carbs and sugar are some of the most comforting food. Whenever one feels sorry or angry or disappointed, they try grabbing a snack bar or a chocolate bar, for instance. They fail to realize that this sudden grabbing of sugar and carbs in diet are not at all healthy habit. However, since they taste a lot comforting than grabbing a cucumber, therefore it seems easy and simple. 

A healthy life should always avoid taking in an excess amount of carbohydrates along with a sugar diet. Moreover, for anything, too much is not at all good to remain healthy. 

Refined Carbs And Sugar: The Diet Saboteurs
Refined Carbs And Sugar: The Diet Saboteurs

Refined Carbs And Sugar Is Unhealthy

Refined carbs are simple carbohydrates that have sugar content in it. These refined carbohydrates lack necessary brans, nutrients, and fibers. The diets or the food charts, which are ‘refined carbs’, are- white bread, white rice, white flour, pasta, pastries, pizza dough, along with many other similar breakfast items. They are unhealthy, for they take very little time to digest. Moreover, the high glycemic index in this food acts as a catalyst to raise the blood sugar level in the body. Refined carbs are also very much responsible for causing mood swings. These carbs are also very much responsible for building up body fats near to the waistline. Refined carbs also cause energy fluctuations in the body. 

When one consumes refined carbohydrates, they unknowingly fill up the body with high sugar content. This, however, triggers the insulin surge in the body to get rid off the sugar content. This insulin builds up in the body offers the human feeling to eat again very soon after a meal. The cravings might be of some more sugar carbs. 

One can get a general concept of how an individual gains weight when they try fasting. The food stocks, which come high sugar and carbs content, show a high amount of health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperactivity. Problems such as mood swings, obesity along with suicidal behavior one can notice in a teenager with sugar and carbs diet. 

One Should Take Good Carby And Sugary diet:

We moreover, all know carbohydrates are the primary source of energy which our body requires. According to experts in the health department they, recommends around 45- 60 % of an individual’s daily calories should come from carbohydrate. However, they have also mentioned that most of carbohydrates intaker should come from unrefined carb content food. 

Unlike the refined carbs, the unrefined ones take more time to digest. This causes a gradual rise in the blood sugar level in the body. The unrefined carbs have high fiber and nutrient content in them. Moreover, this helps the human with weight loss, along with other health benefits. 

Refined Carbs And Sugar: The Diet Saboteurs
Refined Carbs And Sugar: The Diet Saboteurs

Some of the right carbs are as follows:

I. unrefined whole grains such as brown rice, bran cereal, oatmeal, etc.

II. vegetables which are non-starchy

III. Legumes, for instance, kidney beans, baked peas, lentils, etc.

IV. Nuts such as cashew, peanuts, walnuts.

V. Fruits such as apple, pears, bananas, all kinds of citrus fruits.

If you get a chance, try switching to the good carbs diet regime for a healthy life. Sweet potato and cauliflower mash is the best replacement of white potato. Switch from high sugar content cereals in breakfast to low sugar content breakfast cereal. This however suggested. Switch from corn to leafy green plant-based foods. For snacks, try grabbing nut along with raw veggies are the best choice.

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