Smart New Ways To Leafy Green Healthy Cooking

Green healthy cooking sounds like something you have got to adopt, isn’t it? But, they don’t really taste that great! And, that’s where all the trouble begins with eating healthy. Well, what if I tell you that there are few smart ways to enjoy green healthy cooking without cutting down on the taste factor? You might not believe at first, but these recipes are both healthy and tasty, and you will be including a lot of green nutrients as well to your diet. 

Green Healthy Cooking That Tastes Great Too 

Now let’s check out some interesting ways to turn green healthy cooking tasty. Remember, you will have to count the calories as well and don’t start adding additional items to the recipe just to make them tastier. 

Spinach Pesto Pasta With Shrimp

Spinach is one of the most beneficial of all green leaves that we can include in our diet. But, at the same time, not many of us are a great fan of the leaves. However, now you can turn it into a mouth-watering delicacy with a little twist. The spinach pesto pasta with shrimp is among my personal favorites. If you are already aware, you will know that pesto recipe contains basil. But this recipe is a slight twist to the original and uses spinach along with the basil. The peppery flavor is just perfect. And, who does not love shrimp! It adds to the protein content of the dish. 

Farro Breakfast Bowls

When you are preparing your bowl, along with everything else also include some of the leafy greens. That will not mar the taste a bit, and yet make it exceptionally healthy. You can include kale, spinach, and arugula to the recipe and prepare it in a slightly different fashion. The base flavor of the bowl will always make it a pleasure to eat. And, starting the day with this breakfast is a fine way to ensure that you get enough nutrients right at the beginning of the day. 

Berry And Beet Green Smoothie

If you are someone who loves smoothies, then there is a wonderful way to ensure that you get all the green nutrition while also enjoying the beautiful taste of a well prepared smoothie. Berry and beet smoothies are extremely healthy by themselves. And, they also taste great. So, why not use that taste factor and turn up the nutritional content? Add few leafy greens while preparing it and you will never notice any major change in the taste. This hack will work perfectly well with a ny fruit based smoothie. 

Spinach Hummus And Bell Pepper Wraps

There are numerous ways wraps can be made tasty, and there are few tricks to make them exceptionally healthy as well. Get some wholegrain flatbread for this recipe. Wrap up the spinach with the flatbread along with hummus and bell pepper filling. It will not just taste great, but will also be a great source of nutrients. You can pack this for your lunch as well. 

So, which idea do you like the most? You can always create your own variation with some of your favorite recipes. Remember, adding a little green to your diet can do wonders!

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