Some Healthy Dinner Options Before Bed

Some Healthy Dinner Options Before Bed

We all know the significance of a healthy dinner before bedtime to promote a good night’s sleep. There are a lot of factors that manipulate the quality of our sleep during the night. Some things that lower the quality of sleep are a poor lifestyle, over-exposure to the screen, working out immediately before bed, among others. However, we must consider the fact that a healthy dinner before bed is as essential as the other things when it comes to achieving great quality sleep.

Let us discuss a few healthy dinner options before bed.

What Foods To Eat Before Bed

1. Fish

That’s right! Fish is one thing which promotes a great sleep at night if consumed as a part of the much-wanted healthy dinner before bed. Fish rich in protein, like Salmon and Tuna are a must have before bed. Thee fishes produce tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid which boosts the quality of your sleep. Gulp down a salmon or a tuna before bed and experience the difference!

Some Healthy Dinner Options Before Bed
Some Healthy Dinner Options Before Bed

2. Milk

We all have experiences with this superfood. We know that milk is one of the healthiest food options there is, and it is a gift when it comes to aiding a good night’s sleep. Milk has melatonin and tryptophan, which are proven to promote healthy sleep. A glass of milk is terrific after a healthy dinner before you go to bed.

3. Bananas

Some Healthy Dinner Options Before Bed
Some Healthy Dinner Options Before Bed

Like milk, bananas contain melatonin, which is great for good quality sleep. Along with this, bananas have magnesium as well, which helps sleeping faster by relaxing the muscles. Bananas are attributed with good health and can be added up to a healthy dinner before bed to enhance your chances of getting a fantastic sleep.

4. Honey

By this time, we are pretty aware of the importance of melatonin to promote quality sleep. Honey not only is filled with melatonin but it shuts off orexin, which is responsible for keeping us alert. Doing so makes us sleep much faster. And, of course, everyone likes the way honey tastes, hence, making it a perfect little addition to a healthy dinner before bed.
Now that we are aware of the things that help us sleep better let’s learn what to avoid to get a great night’s sleep.

What Not To Eat Before Bed

1. Cheese

We are very fond of cheese, to such an extent that we ignore the fact that it is actually not a good food option before bed. This is because it has tyramine, which keeps the brain in alert mode.

2. Spicy Food

Spicy foods are generally unhealthy because they are incredibly hot for the body to handle. Spicy food makes it hard for our body to regulate its temperature, which makes it harder for us to sleep.

3. Coffee

When we have to stay awake at night, we resort to a cup of hot coffee. Staying awake at night is bad, and so is coffee before bed if you wish to sleep like a baby. Coffee has caffeine, that is a stimulant which prevents you from falling asleep.

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