Southern Cooking Recipes That Every South Food Lover Must Try

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Midwest is a hub of easy dishes, and the cuisine from New England is delightful and unique in its own way. However, nobody can compete with Southern when it comes to cooking. Well, Southern food is known for its flavor, flavor, and perfect utilization of cheese, spice, herbs, and butter. Moreover, when served with Southern sauces, you can’t refuse to eat again and again.

However, the bitter truth is….prepare a Southern food is not as easy as it seems. Even people who belong to the South struggle to prepare Southern cooking recipes that are as delicious and perfect as their old parents. Fortunately for non-Southern people, we have compiled a list of easy, flavorful, and mouthwatering Southern cooking recipes. Let’s take a trip:

Best Southern Cooking Recipes

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Fried Okra:

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Fill with veggies; the fried okra is great to eat something healthy and tasty. Let’s look at how to prepare this amazing recipe:

Here’s the list of ingredients you will require to make okra-

Cornmeal- ¾ cup

Garlic powder- 3 pinches

Black pepper- half teaspoon

Buttermilk- one and a half cup

Okra- 12 oz.

Flour- one and a half cup

Kosher salt- 2 teaspoon

Paprika- one and a half teaspoon

Cayenne pepper- 1/4 teaspoon

Vegetable oil

1.Use paper towels to make a line on the baking sheet. Now take a pot and pour flour, salt, paprika, cornmeal, peppers, and garlic powder into it. Moreover, in another bowl, put buttermilk.

2. In buttermilk, put okra, mix to coat, and then pour in the mixture.

3. Keep a pan over a low flame and add oil into it. Once the oil is heated, add okra in different batches. Fry for about 9-11 minutes and stir when needed, or make sure okra is fried well. Use the baking sheet to drain okra.

Cheese Grits

When it comes to the easiest and delicious Southern dish, cheese grits first hit our minds. Moreover, you only need 25-30 minutes to prepare this recipe. The best thing about the recipe is that it has too much cheese. So if you are fond of cheese, then you must try cheese grits.

Let’s look at the list of ingredients that you need to prepare cheese grits:

Water- 2 cup

Corn grits- 1 cup

Shredded cheddar- 1 cup

Black pepper

Butter- 4 tbsp

Kosher salt

Chicken broth- 2 cup

Pour water and chicken broth into a skillet and let it boil. After that, use salt to season the broth. Reduce flame to simmer the mixture and then mix in grits. Boiling, mixing many times, until grits have soaked liquid.

Blend in cheese and butter, then use pepper and salt for seasoning.

Wrapping Up:

Southern cuisine has a separate fan base and is loved by everyone. Thus, undoubtedly you are also a big fan of Southern food. So, what are you waiting for? Try these Southern cooking recipes now and enjoy the flavors of the South.

Which recipe do you try first? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Hope you like these recipes!

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