Sugar Alternatives You Need To Try

Never To Worry Your Sugar Intake Again With These Sugar Replacements

Sugar is addictive, I mean, who does not want something sweet? Children, if left unchecked will gobble up all the sweets that can stuff into their mouths. And to the point that their teeth will start to hurt. Some people will still carry on these addictions from their childhood to adulthood. Thus, this sometimes, even contribute to a plethora of diseases like diabetes or tooth decay later on in life. Also, sugar dramatically contributes to weight gain. So for people who are more conscious with their health, minimize your consumption of this sweet and addictive substance. The bad thing is, pretty much anything we consume has sugar in it. From sodas, pastries and even basic foodstuff contain varying amounts of sugar. We may steer clear from this substance, yet it always finds a way on the foods that we eat every day. For that, what you need is a sugar replacement that doesn’t negatively impact your health. We have here six sugar substitutes that can sweeten up your life, without the guilt of consuming something terrible for your health.

BochaSweet’s The Supreme Sugar Replacement and BochaBar Package

For people with diabetes out there, you can still enjoy that sweetness on your foods. And without ever worsening your condition. BochaSweet contains zero calories and glycemic sweetener. And that is safe for people with diabetes to consume. This sweet substance is from Kabocha, or Japanese winter squash, which is healthy and keto-friendly too. For the person with a certified sweet tooth, this will surely satisfy all your cravings. 

BochaSweet's The Supreme Sugar Replacement and BochaBar Package

BochaSweet’s The Supreme Sugar Replacement and BochaBar Package

CretanSoil’s Bioaroma Carob Syrup 

Do you want a sweetener that does not just sweeten your life, but also has added health benefits added to it? Then CretanSoil’s Bioaroma Carob Syrup is your best bet. Thus, made from the syrup extracted from the pods of the carob plant. Also, this product contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Which essential for the body’s growth. For a more nutritious and tasty sweetener especially for your coffee or tea, then this one gits the bill. 

CretanSoil's Bioaroma Carob Syrup

CretanSoil’s Bioaroma Carob Syrup

Necta Sweet’s Saccharin Sugar Substitute

For decades, people have been using saccharine as a safe sugar substitute, because it has no food energy into it. What you get is only the sweetness itself, without the added negative or positive effects that sugar has. Necta Sweet’s Saccharin Sugar Substitute is a safe and versatile sweetener without any added calories or any sugar in it.

Necta Sweet's Saccharin Sugar Substitute

Necta Sweet’s Saccharin Sugar Substitute

Tropical Green Organic’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Palm sugar has been a trend nowadays because it is proven to control the body’s sugar levels. Tropical Green Organic’s Sugar will give you all the sweetness and benefits of this miracle plant. Aside from sweetening your food, it also helps you fight heart disease and osteoporosis due to the minerals it contains – a safe and healthy sweetener that is perfect for any food.

Tropical Green Organic's Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Tropical Green Organic’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Dhatu Organic’s Organic Palm Sugar

Palm sugar is renowned for its sweetness. And also it adds that caramel flavor to anything you put in into. Thus, perfect for hot beverages and pastries. If you are looking for a low-calorie sugar substitute, Dhatu Organic’s Organic Palm Sugar will turn any coffee into a more delicious and sweet brew. And as well as that caramel notes to your cakes and pastries. Also, it does not overpower the taste of the food you put it into. Thus, not leaving any aftertaste on your palate after eating or drinking.

Dhatu Organic's Organic Palm Sugar

Dhatu Organic’s Organic Palm Sugar

NuNaturals’ NuStevia Alcohol Free Liquid Stevia Drops

Most of the time we value food because of the things that it can do to our bodies. On the other hand, stevia is valued because of the things it cannot do. For one, it does not add calories to your food, which is perfect for people who want to lose weight. And two, it does not worsen the conditions of diabetic patients. Also, this is great since they can still have something sweet despite their status. NuNaturals captures all these characteristics of stevia extract, which makes it a healthy sugar substitute.

NuNaturals' NuStevia Alcohol Free Liquid Stevia Drops

NuNaturals’ NuStevia Alcohol Free Liquid Stevia Drops


Sugar substitute has been around for some time now. People with diabetes are thankful for these sugar substitutes. For that, they can still enjoy sweetness despite their condition. Also, it becomes a trend among nutritionists. And people who love fitness nowadays because of the health benefits it gives. All in all, sugar substitutes sweeten up our lives without any side effects. Or negative impacts on our bodies.

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