Swiss Roll: How To Make Them At Home


Swiss roll is a heavenly dessert. They are soft and extremely amazing to have. And the fact that they are extremely simple to make, just makes them even better. We all love having a good dessert. And when it comes to Swiss roll, there can be nothing better than it. You can make them at home by using just four ingredients which are flour, sugar, eggs, and jam. Here we look at the best and the simplest recipe to make these delicious rolls. 

Preparation To Make A Swiss Roll

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Swiss Roll: How To Make Them At Home
Swiss Roll: How To Make Them At Home

The eggs which you will be using should be kept in the store temperature. And they should be whisked along with the caster sugar for a total of 10 minutes. You should keep on whisking them until they turn thick and pale. And then you should start folding the flour. Make sure that you fold it using a light touch and do not get too aggressive with it. This is done to conserve the air within the flour. Knocking them hard will remove all the air. Make sure that you have the best jam which you can get. You can get the flavors which you wish to have. When you are rolling the dough you have to be strong enough. You might feel the sponge is too fragile, but in reality, it is not. To make a swiss roll you will need some oil for greasing, caster sugar, plain flour, eggs, and a flavourful jam. Now let us look at the process to make it.

Recipe Of The Dish

Swiss Roll: How To Make Them At Home
Swiss Roll: How To Make Them At Home

Before starting the process brush the tin with the help of the oil. Start by putting a greaseproof paper on the base of the tin. After you are done sticking it, you can add a little more oil on the paper. Once your base is ready you can dust the paper with the help of caster sugar and flour. Make sure that you preheat the oven to a temperature of 200 degree Celsius.

After this get the mixture of sugar and egg and leave them for a while. Add the flour in the mixture and keep on folding it extremely carefully for a while. You should do this until all the traces of flour are gone from the mixture. You can take your time in this process, but make sure that you do it gently. Once your mixture is ready, pour the same in the tin and use a spatula to even it on=ut on the corner. You have to bake this for a total of 12 minutes. And during this, you can get the jam and whisk it and pour it in a tin.

 Put a wet cloth on a clean surface and put a greaseproof paper on it. Dust it with the help of caster sugar and flour. Take the sponge out with the help of a knife. Once you get it out, peel the paper form the base of the sponge. Add the jam into the sponge with the help a spoon and once everything is ready just roll them out smoothly.

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