The Cooking Games For Kids Party

Cooking Games For Kids Party

It is the responsibility of the mom to prepare the best cooking games for her kid’s party. Cooking games can be real fun for children. There can be several games one can keep in the menu to enhance the party. Without sports, any party is boring. Especially parties of children cannot be planned without adding a few games.

List Of Cooking Games For The Party

  • Napkin Folding– Teach the kids at the party in different ways to fold the napkin. Once taught, they have to make the shapes on their own. Who so ever completes it first within a given period will be the winner.
  • Taste Test– Arrange ten food products on the table. Blindfold the child. Let the child taste each product and identify it. Who so ever determines the maximum no of products will be the winner of the game. The children will love this game. 
  • Touch And Feel– this is another game for the kids which they will surely love. Arrange ten articles related to cooking. It could be cooking utensils. The child will be blindfolded and has to touch the utensil and guess its name.

More Games

Cooking Games For Kids Party
Cooking Games For Kids Party
  • Measure The Ingredient– set the ingredients needed for a particular recipe in different bowls. There should be no measuring cups around. For example, a pasta recipe for two let the child guess according to his estimate, different ingredients needed to make pasta. The child has to pick all the ingredients according to his\her own estimation. Whoever chooses most of the recipes in the correct amount of ingredient will win.
  • Hidden Treasure– hide certain products according to the theme of the party. For example, if the subject is Christmas protect a Santa, a x-mass tree, reindeer toy, mother Mary, Christ, and other things related to the theme. Give hints to the children so that they identify the toy.
  • Table Setting Game- Make a chart of things you need to set a dining table. Divide the children into groups. Let them see the chart for a minute. Set a timer and let each group set the table. Whoever sets it well with all the items will be the winner.
Cooking Games For Kids Party
Cooking Games For Kids Party

Reasons For Keeping Cooking Games In A Party

  • Children enjoy playing games like this at the party. It helps them use their skills to play the game.
  • With the help of these games, a child learns to think and react.
  •  The child learns about new things and makes new friends.
  • Games are a way to train the child for different competitions in school and life ahead.
  • While playing group games, a child tries to mingle with other children.
  • Games help the child to be good listeners.
  • Games teach a child to be active and alert in any given situation.
  • Lastly, it’s a way to engage the child in new activities. It helps in the development of the child’s brain and other skills.


Cooking games add fun to any party. Games are ways to keep the child involved in something more creative. Games help in the overall development of the child. It is a way to help the child communicate with other children. No kids party can be imagined without games.

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