Types of Healthy Soup Recipes To Include In The Diet


Soup has been part of the diet in various countries all over the world. This is a liquid or semi-liquid dish that people eat at dinner and is served either hot or cold. This is a very healthy type of food and can be eaten with a salad, some bread or as a first course in a meal. Soups can be light or hearty and filling depending on its portions and the ingredients in the soup. Soups are comforting, healthy, and nutritious and also provide fiber to the diet. Fruits, vegetables, meats, lentils, rice, flour, and grains can be used in making soup as it is a very versatile dish. The following are some types of soups that are healthy and popular all over the world:

Types of Healthy Soups

Broths & Consommés

One of the healthiest types of soups is broths.  Broths are savory and watery clear soups made by boiling vegetables, meats, fish and other herbs and aromatics. Then the mixture is strained to create a clear tasty liquid soup. Consommés is similar to the broth but the process of making these healthy soup recipes is more elaborate and involves clarifying the soup to make it very clear. There are many French consommés that are popular all over the world.

Cream Soups

Types of Healthy Soup Recipes To Include In The Diet
Types of Healthy Soup Recipes to Include in the Diet

Cream soups are generally a soup that has a thick, creamy and smooth texture.  They are made using various soup ingredients mentioned above and usually has a roux base. A roux base is a thickening agent added in these healthy soup recipes to thicken the soup and is usually a mixture of sautéed flour and butter. Cream soups are blended soups and are usually very hearty soups.


Bisque is generally European seafood based soups that are extremely delicious and very good for health. Shellfish bisques made of lobsters, crabs, shrimps, and other crayfish are all very popular. Sautéing mirepoix and fish in butter with aromatics and using liquids like broths, wines, and stocks to boil the soup are the basic steps of making bisque. The mixture is then blended and strained and made into a soup.


A hearty and delicious type of soups that provides a lot of nutrients is the chowder. There are many types of healthy soup recipes in this category and the ingredients are especially filling and tasty. Dairy products are also used in making chowders and some of the basic ingredients include onions, leeks, milk, cream, seafood, and meats. These soups are popular in cold countries and are usually a complete meal.

Cold Soups & Fruit Soups

Types of Healthy Soup Recipes To Include In The Diet
Types of Healthy Soup Recipes to Include in the Diet

There are many types of soups that can also be eaten cold. On a hot day, a cold soup can be very refreshing. Some of the cold soups that are very popular include borscht, gazpacho, and vichyssoise which are made using different ingredients and are very healthy and refreshing. Cold fruit soups using both dry fruits as well as fresh fruits are a great drink in the summer. Cherry soup, mixed berries soup, and melon soup are some examples of famous fruit soups that are also good for health.

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