What are healthy foods

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They are foods that your body needs for good health.

Who eats healthy food?

Everybody! Everybody likes to eat delicious, fresh, and tasty food.

But sometimes we don’t choose this kind of food, but fast and frozen one. Why? Sometimes we need a break from cooking… But not only! Remember how it was in the old time when there were no fast foods or frozen meals… How our parents cooked their favourite dishes with love and care every day. So they shared them with us! And on weekends Grandma used to make sweet pancakes with cream as a treat on Sundays.

These memories stay in our hearts forever as the most valuable ones! We want those days back even though now it is easier to buy something ready to eat.

Food and Health

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What is healthy food? Healthy food helps us feel better, gives us energy throughout the day, and supports our growth.

Eat your vegetables! They are full of vitamins that help you develop healthy bones, skin, and teeth. Another myth about veggies is that they have no calories – 10000% FALSE! The only thing that has zero amount of calories is water… Everything else contains a quantity of it. So next time when you make a sandwich with chicken grab some lettuce to wrap it up with because lettuce has 2 kcal per leaf. Greens are super-foods for having look at least similar to supermodels!

If you want to do well in sport, try eating white meat instead of a red one because it’s lighter on your stomach. It’s not an absolute rule though. Some people with different habits and tastes prefer red meat…

What is good food? Good food makes you healthy. So if your body feels good, you will feel happy and it’s a nice way to live! Anyway, we can buy things we like in stores and cook ourselves the most delicious meal in the world! There are restaurants for that too, but all of us know that cooking meals at home are cheaper and tastier than eating out.

There is nothing more important than having both – fun while cooking and joy from eating what was cooked!

And lastly – eat slowly, Remember when they told this to us when we were kids? I don’t think anybody listened (including me), but it’s really important! If you eat fast, your body can’t realize that it is full and you will have more food than needed. Slowing down while eating prevents overeating.

What are unhealthy foods?

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Unhealthy food contains sugar, fat, or salt in higher amounts than our body needs. That’s why we feel tired after meals with too many calories… Unhealthy food affects your mood strongly so sometimes it helps to “lose” stress inside the kitchen by throwing cakes against the wall 🙂 But don’t forget about cleaning up after yourself :). Anyway, if you cook something unhealthy to eat, don’t be upset! Just enjoy this moment of not thinking about calorie counting and other boring stuff like that. Life is hard enough to have only healthy food 🙂

I’m hungry now… Time to prepare a snack! I’ll heat up some tortilla wraps and fill them with chicken and cheese. That’s what we call comfort food – yummy, warm, and soft :). Hurry up, don’t let it get cold!

When you live in a city where there are no fields or gardens you can’t eat organic fruits and vegetables all the time. But it’s not a problem! Even if your apples were grown 50 km away from you labelled “organic” they still will be much better than apples from Asia (for example) which were poisoned by pesticides. So try to buy local organic foods instead of imported ones. Why? You save our environment and protect it from chemicals and pollution!

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