What is an unhealthy Food list for babies

A food list that is not good for you or your baby can be termed an unhealthy food list. One such example is the Unhealthy Baby Food List which contains some of the most popular and common foods eaten daily by adults and children alike. Some of these ‘unhealthy’ foods might even be in your own kitchen cabinet.

It may seem like very small and insignificant things, but when it comes to children and babies, these food items tend to cause serious health problems if consumed without care. It’s only because we tend to forget how infants and toddlers are susceptible to small germs and viruses. If they consume anything other than milk or formula at a young age, their chances of falling sick greatly increase. And should they fall sick, a good number of them may lose the battle to survive.

So, if you value your child’s life, make sure never to give them these kinds of foods listed below:

Poor Food List for Babies and Toddlers

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Unhealthy Baby Food List Onions, Baby Corn, are some of the biggest sources of cancer-causing chemicals. Research has shown that onion causes cancer even in small amounts when eaten regularly. Apart from being great for flavouring food, they also contain high levels of sulfur which serves as a huge threat to diabetic patients. Eating onions at a young age can destroy the hormone system in a growing baby leading to early puberty or abnormal growth patterns in toddlers and teens. Onion is very high in sugar content and should especially be avoided by diabetic patients. It is high in calories and saturated fat. Large quantities of onion can cause gastric problems such as heartburn, stomach irritations, and nausea.

Beans and Babies

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Beans – Raw Apple seeds are included in the Unhealthy Baby Food Lis. Always make sure to remove the seeds from any apples that you give your baby or toddler before you serve them or eat them yourself. Not only do apple seeds contain cyanide which causes respiratory failure at a cellular level but they also block the absorption of nutrients needed for normal growth and development! So if your children love snacking on some raw apples, better remove those tiny little seeds first before giving them to them! Or if you are eating apples yourself, try to ensure that you don’t cut or slice the apple anywhere near the seeds. If you do, just scoop them all out before eating.

The Avocado and side effects

Avocado is also included in the Unhealthy Food List. Most doctors agree that avocado is not suitable for children under five! Undoubtedly it is one of the most healthy fruits but at the same time, it has many serious side effects on infants and young children. The main reason why avocados are considered bad for babies and toddlers is that they contain persin which potentiates fluid accumulation in the chest cavity, leading to congestion and breathing difficulties. Furthermore, it is also hard to digest making babies gassy with stomach pain after eating them. It may even cause diarrhoea in some infants! So, if you’re planning on having avocados during your pregnancy or when you are nursing your baby, just avoid feeding them to your little one before five years of age. If you wish to feed avocado to children under five then do so sparingly and always remove the seed first!

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