Why Green Healthy Cooking Is The Perfect Way To Start Eating Healthier

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There are three things you should keep in mind when making green healthy cooking. First, start simple and make dishes that are easy to do and that your family will enjoy. Second, use fresh, clean ingredients and minimize the use of salt, sugar, and butter. Finally, avoid ingredients that contribute to environmental pollution such as pesticides. These three things will help you create healthy recipes and eating healthy on a budget.

How to Cook and Eat Healthy?

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Start simple. Most healthy cooking is easy to do because you only need to use fresh, clean ingredients. Try making your own salsa, using fresh tomatoes instead of canned, using low-fat (or no-salt) cooking spray instead of butter, using whole-wheat or whole grain flour instead of refined flour, and eliminating all commercial ingredients. By using simple, natural flavours, you will find that your creations will be both tasteful and nutritious. Create your own salsa, use whole-wheat pasta in your Mexican fettuccini recipe, or add chickpea flour to your Thai rice salad.

Use fresh, clean ingredients. While this may be easier said than done, it is absolutely possible to use store-bought ingredients to create and enjoy green healthy cooking. By replacing your ingredients with ones you would normally buy, you can cut out artificial ingredients, artificial flavours, and preservatives. Instead, choose ingredients like fresh vegetables, whole grains, herbs, nuts, spices, and tofu. When you cook from home, you can control the flavour of your meals, and enjoy the many flavoursome combinations these foods have to offer.

Clean up your kitchen and eat healthier. Cooking healthy recipes often means removing things you may not particularly enjoy in your favourite food blogs and magazines. This does not mean that you are depriving yourself of good food. In fact, you can just learn to eliminate unhealthy ingredients, and add in more healthy ingredients to cook healthy recipes better.

Try out a few green healthy recipes now and see if they are as fun to prepare and eat as your conventional recipes were. Green healthy cooking involves using plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as plenty of fresh, natural ingredients. For example, instead of using butter or shortening in your Mexican or Italian recipes, try olive oil, which is a much healthier alternative, and can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Also try substituting saturated fats and hydrogenated oils for butter, shortening, or other animal fats. Using real oils, such as palm oil, olive oil, or coconut oil, can help you to enjoy green healthy cooking.

Serve your favourite green healthy recipe hot. Although you may not be able to serve your favourite casserole or soup as hot as it was when it was fresh from the fridge, you will find that green healthy cooking will taste delicious whether it is served hot or chilled. This is because the oils used in green healthy cooking are much lower in fat than those found in conventional cooking, which will help to reduce your overall calorie intake without decreasing the satisfaction of your meal. You will find that using fresh herbs and spices instead of preservatives can make for an excellent meal.

Finally, when it comes to green recipes, you do not have to stick to boring, bland dishes. Vegetables and fruits can be spiced up in an endless variety of ways, adding colour and flavour to any dish, and often providing a different ingredient to the one that was originally included in the recipe. For instance, you could always add carrot and celery juice to your tomato soup, or use basil and olive oil to make a great marinade for chicken. You can also spice up salads with an array of bright, vibrant colours, such as apple, cherry, lime, and beetroot. Try experimenting with your green recipes. You never know, you might find them so enjoyable that you will want to start a green recipe list of your own!

End Note

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Remember to experiment and let your imagination go. There are so many exciting and colourful ways to incorporate vegetables and fruit into your healthy recipes that you’ll be spoiled for choice. The important thing is to start somewhere, and as you become more aware of the wide range of healthy recipes out there, you can build your confidence in their use. With the range of recipes available today, you’ll soon be creating your favourite green recipes in no time at all.

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